A couple psychologist for marital problems

Couple therapy is a means of resolving disputes that couples have not been able to manage effectively on their own. To do this, couples need the support of a couple psychologist who could advise them and help them understand each other better and move forward together.

When to consider couple therapy?

Couple therapy is a process by which a couple wants to leave a suffering.  Just like a person in difficulty or distress who seeks help from a therapist, a couple can also do this by calling on a couple psychologist. The latter is neither a lawyer nor an arbitrator, but acts as a mediator to hear the points of view of both parties and to help them clarify their problems while teaching them to communicate better with each other. Therefore, it is essential to consider couple therapy when the partners realize that they no longer share the same values and find it difficult to communicate together, also if both parties repeat the same conflicts, despite all attempts to reach a compromise.

Principles of CBT in Couple Therapy

Currently, to save a couple, the tools of cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT can help the therapist who chooses to use them. In this type of therapy, both parties must be present during the sessions. The work of the couple psychologist will consist in highlighting: the indispensable needs of each party as well as of the couple and the things that are redhibitory in the eyes of both partners. The couple psychologist will therefore make sure that each spouse can take into consideration the needs of the other. The goal of this therapy is to highlight the essential values of each individual but especially to detect the causes of the communication difficulty. Consequently, so that each spouse feels listened to, the shrink's work will focus on restoring room for the other's opinion and helping both parties to express their feelings.

The cost of couple therapy

The roles of a couple psychologist are numerous, namely: to avoid emotional outbursts between partners, to restore communication and to develop empathy of each spouse for the other. Calling on a psychologist is therefore important in order to be able to act on the difficulty that the couple is experiencing and with a view to reuniting the couple another time. A couple therapy session usually lasts 45 to 90 minutes, every week. The duration depends on the couple's progress during the therapy. The cost of the service varies between 55 € and 85 € per session.