The shrink, the effective solution

Cognitive-behavioural therapy has proven effective in treating many psychological problems. Cognitive-behavioural therapy aims to free a person from dysfunctional behaviours such as lack of self-confidence, for example. To remedy this difficulty while helping the person regain his or her autonomy, the support of a shrink is necessary.

What does cognitive-behavioural therapy consist of?

Cognitive-behavioural therapy or CBT is a therapy that aims to convert maladaptive behaviours and negative ideas into reactions that are in line with reality. It helps to gradually overcome disabling symptoms such as aggressive reactions, stress, inhibitions... All in all, to treat various disorders, including anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, depressive and sleep disorders, cognitive-behavioural therapy is effective. Cognitive and behavioural therapy is a program of care provided by a psychologist or shrink that helps to contain these difficulties.  Any suffering person (child, adolescent, adult or elderly person) who wishes to find a lifestyle more in line with the demands of reality can follow this therapy.

How to have self-confidence?

Lack of self-confidence can be a problem that could alter a person's life if nothing is done. Nowadays, people tend to solve the problem of lack of self-confidence by themselves because consulting a shrink for some is sometimes perceived as a weakness. However, don't you find that finding solutions on your own can be difficult? Cognitive and behavioural therapy is the treatment of first choice that will allow you to have real self-confidence. Indeed, this therapy offers systematic desensitization which involves several steps such as sophrology, autosuggestion, role-playing and the prescription of immersion behaviours. A shrink is trained to help you, advise you and offer you several alternatives so that everything becomes clear in your head.

How to find the best shrink?

Here are a few tips to help you find the best shrink to accompany you during your therapy. First, before choosing your psychologist, visit the Ordre des psychologues website to gather information on all the members and select the psychologists that seem best suited to you. Next, make sure that the psychologist you are about to consult is competent. If during the first few sessions you do not make progress thanks to his or her support, think about changing, because a psychologist must help you move forward. In fact, you should choose a shrink with whom you feel more comfortable. Concerning the duration of the treatment, a few weeks to a few months are more than enough to treat the problem of lack of self-confidence. As for the cost of the session, it can range from 37 € to 70 €, depending on the case.