Published on : 03 July 20202 min reading time

Dissemblance between personal coach and professional coach

Of course, the coaching profession is practiced by many people, without necessarily having to justify a training. This is why alliances and associations of professional coaches are encouraging the profession to become more professional. The profession also has two variants. There are personal coaches and professional coaches.

The roles of a personal coach

The personal coach is a professional who supports each of his clients in achieving their goals. He directs and accompanies him, with the goal of helping him to perform better in a defined area. He participates in the promotion of the personal and professional development of an individual. The personal coach is different from the professional coach. The personal coach accompanies a person. The professional coach, on the other hand, carries out his interventions in a company where he accompanies either a group or an individual. Nowadays, coaching has the wind in its sails. It is therefore everywhere and benefits from more and more candidates. Nowadays, we find many aspirants to become storage coaches, to follow a training to become company coaches, a training to become sports coaches, seduction coaches and others.

The roles of a professional coach

The professional coach is a mentor for the promotion of the worker in the evolution of his professional life. Through personal development provisions, he helps him to progress or supports him in adjusting to changes in society. The professional coach starts by getting to know the potentialities of the employee entrusted to him and his professional springs which he measures according to the context and the possible embarrassments encountered. The coach’s intervention does not only concern technical knowledge. It also concerns the employee’s dexterity and interpersonal skills, for example in the managerial, relational or commercial fields, and also considers the psychological side.