The importance of following up on leadership coaching sessions

Today, leadership coaching is well regarded in society. It is important in that it aims to support executives and managers so that they better understand their skills and see for themselves how to lead effectively, thanks to these skills.

What is leadership coaching really about?

Leadership coaching is a variety of personal coaching during which executives and managers who wish to discern and develop their identity and function as leaders are accompanied. Leadership coaching leads to a perceptible change in behaviour. Leaders focus on consciously chosen objectives, give concerted feedback, trust and empower their assistants, and leadership coaching provides face-to-face coaching to impresarios and managers. Leadership coaching is usually done during or after a coaching training.

The objectives of leadership coaching

Leadership coaching is done so that you stop considering your objectives according to the means and constraints and so that you see the means you need, according to your needs, to allow you to place yourself at the right level of decision making, to take a tactical step back and to get a price on 1/5 of projects that generate 4/5 leverage. But that's not all! Thanks to leadership coaching, you will be able to become an active player in your system, consider the political dimension of your judgements, study your personal marketing and guess donors for your projects, by creating the right network of internal connections. In addition to all this, you will develop your leadership skills, which will enable you to foresee your vision, to breathe life into your group, to adjust your managerial attitude, and to be able to conduct interviews focused on results, measured and actionable.